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Co-sleeping is known by other names such as: sleep-sharing, Bedsharing, bedding-down-with-baby, the family bed and many others. The basic idea is that parent(s) sleep with their children, especially infants. Everywhere in the world, in every culture, co-sleeping is practiced. In most cultures, families who don't sleep together are seen as outsiders. In America, we do it; we sleep with our children, just most of us don't talk about it. We fear what our parents, in-laws or pediatricians will think about us or worse, we fear what they might say to us. Those who are opposed to the family bed feel that sleeping with your children makes them needy, spoils them and causes children to not want to sleep alone. Everyone is warned that they are starting a 'bad' habit. What's so 'bad' about a family all snug and soundly sleeping together in bed

The benefits of co-sleeping speak for themselves. Many parents wonder if they will ever get sleep in those early days after the birth of their baby. Every family, baby and situation is different, but there is a practical sleep arrangement for everyone. Many parents don’t wonder or question where their new baby will sleep; they are simply snuggled down between to loving parents. Other parents feel uncomfortable or unsure about bedding-down-with-baby and opt to have baby sleep in its own crib or sidecar type bed in the parent’s room. While a large majority of pediatricians and experts do not advise parents to have babies under one year old sleep in another room, many babies are still being left to sleep in their own rooms, most of them are being left to cry-it-out.


1. Baby sleeps better and longer.

2. Mothers sleep better and longer.

3. Makes breastfeeding easier

4. It's contemporary parenting.

5. Babies thrive better.

6. Parents and infants become more connected.

7. It reduces the risks of SIDS.

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