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We're sorry to say that effective 1/20/2007, Natural Family Boutique is no longer making our Consultant Program available -- we are no longer a multi-level home party company. We will be continuing to operate as an online business and offering an affiliate program where you can earn commissions without the hassle of having to maintain your own business. If you are interested in our affiliate program, please send email to In your email, mention the referral code "elijahsmum6713"

What is UBB's Natural Family Boutique?


Image is Loading...Unique Baby Boutique is a new business, founded in 2002. It began as a dream for our founder, Kim Pekin. A breastfeeding advocate and mother of six, she is a person committed to attachment parenting and breastfeeding. She found the mainstream baby stores did not meet her needs and the needs of other attachment parents. Further, she found these store's "detachment parenting products" to be very disheartening. The idea for Unique Baby Boutique came to her one day when she thought, "these products are so wonderful; wouldn't it be great if THIS were the mainstream?" Thus began her quest to find a way to make attachment parenting/breastfeeding/natural childbirth products available to more people.

In addition to bringing attachment parenting products to more people, Kim wanted to help stay-at-home mothers by developing a career opportunity that would enable them to continue to care for their children while earning a substantial income. Home parties and network marketing were the concepts that brought it all together and created Unique Baby Boutique. We hope that over the years, Unique Baby Boutique will grow into a successful alternative to mainstream baby store shopping.

Our Mission and Philosophy

Image is Loading...We believe that there is no more important job than that of a parent. To parent well, one must have the information and support necessary to make sound parenting decisions. We support this philosophy through our mission, by providing products that support:

  • Natural Childbirth
  • Breastfeeding
  • Attachment Parenting
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Respect for Instinctive Wisdom

We provide products that are generally not available in mainstream retail stores, sharing the joy of attachment parenting with people who may not have otherwise considered its importance, and we offer a rewarding opportunity to those who feel promoting attachment parenting is an important and worthwhile career.

What Makes UBB’s Natural Family Boutique Different?

Our products are breastfeeding friendly. You won't find images of bottles or pacifiers used as decoration on any of our products. Whenever possible, our products are made with either organic or natural materials, or they provide some environmental benefit.

  • We make no apologies for our strong belief system.
  • Most of our products cannot be purchased at major retail chain stores.
  • Our parties allow parents to learn about parenting in a way that has largely been lost in our "modern" society; parents learn from the experiences and advice of other parents with similar values.

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