Natural Attachment offers classes to couples and small groups in the Oklahoma City metro area in Oklahoma. We also offer home study courses and packages for Attachment Parenting, Natural Childbirth, and Home/Unschooling; these are all available to anyone located in the US or Canada.

All of our units are made from quality, up to date informational materials. Many of the materials are not easily found online or by other means. Some of our packages include books; most of which can be bought at local bookstores, but not at the same discounted prices that Natural Attachment can offer you.

As with any supplemental drug, product or class, Natural Attachment encourages everyone to discuss health related matters with their midwife, lactation consultant, medical physician or alternative health physician and not to rely solely on supplemental aides.

Referral Services

If you need assistance in finding health physicians, midwives, doulas, lactation consultants or any other health or support person, please let us know. We can provide referrals at no cost to you. Just fill out our referral form.


Classes and Consultations Provided by Natural Attachment

Attachment Parenting Consultations

Instinctive parenting or Attachment Parenting is doing what comes natural. Most things such as breastfeeding on cue, co-sleeping and babywearing are practices Attachment Parenting has borrowed from cultures around the world, where bonding with and responding to your child have been common place since the beginning of time.

Natural Attachment offers consultations to parents who want more information about AP and support from caring individuals, who practice the AP style. Consultations are held privately, in the comfort of your own home or other environment conducive to learning of your choice. Consultations typically last a couple hours. We will discuss the basic principles of AP as described by Dr. Sears and why you think AP is for you. Learn how to wear your baby and how to safely co-sleep. Learn the benefits of extended breastfeeding and natural weaning.

To find out more or to sign up please email us. Consultations are typically around two to three hours long and cost $15.00 an hour. To Prepay per hour, just click ‘add to cart’ 


Babywearing and Sling Fitting Demonstrations:

Everyone wants a sling and rightly so. It is much easier to carry children in slings and safer than lugging around clunky car seats. Learn how to wear a sling. You will learn the basics to babywearing, positions to carry baby in and how to get a sling that fits. Demonstrations are short and to the point. Private demonstrations are available.

Demos cost $20.00 if you own a sling; Depending on the sling you want, Demos range from $54.00 to $85.00. When you are ready to sign up or find out more information, please email us. To Prepay, just click ‘add to cart’

Demonstration Only  

Available Types of Slings:

Maya Wrap Sling (unpadded sling, very adjustable with rings)  

Over the Shoulder Baby Holder (heavily padded sling, slightly adjustable with rings)

The New Native Carrier (unpadded pocket sling, nonadjustable)

EllaRoo Wrap (unpadded wrap sling, highly adjustable by rewrapping or retying)


Natural Childbirth Preparation Classes

Natural Attachment believes that a natural birth with little to no intervention is most beneficial to both mother and child. There are so many ways to eliminate or reduce pain naturally. Whether you choose a hospital, a birthing center or your home to give birth in, there are many benefits of a natural birth.

You will learn what to expect during labor/birth, ways to improve your labor’s progression, different positions for labor/birth, ways to ease discomfort and how to avoid unnecessary procedures. These classes are for the woman and her partner who really want to connect with their birthing experience. These classes are not for those who don’t view birth as a natural, spiritual rite of passage. If you have decided to use medication for pain relief, these classes are not for you. We want every woman to learn to trust her body and be able to harness her inner strength during labor/birth.

Classes are held privately in the mother’s home or other comfortable, relaxing place of her choice. Classes run once a week, for five weeks and are about two hours long. Cost of classes ($175.00) includes all materials, books and labor aides for the mother. For a complete list of materials, books and supplements or to sign up, please read on.

We also offer a simplified version of our class, tailored to your needs. Classes are held in your home and run $25.00 an hour. Email Michele for more info. To Prepay, just click ‘add to cart’

Five Session Class $175.00

Five Session Class (Print Version) $185.00

Make Your Own Class (per hour) $25.00 per hour


Attachment Parenting Package

Our Attachment Parenting package is available for those who want to start practicing AP, but are not sure of how or when to begin. You will receive books and materials used by Attached Parents. This includes your choice of one of our baby slings. This package costs $150.00; to receive a list of materials and to order, please email us.  


Natural Childbirth Preparation Home Study Course

Our home study course for Natural Childbirth is available for those who are not in the Oklahoma City area or who want to study NCB from the privacy of their own home. You get all the same great materials, access to the teacher and the ability to study at you own pace. Cost of Home Course $175.00; to order email us


Homeschooling/Unschooling Getting Started Kit

Do you think it's time your children came home? Or are you considering homeschool from the start? Are you not sure of the legalities or how to document your child's progress? If this sounds like you, then you should get our HS kit. It will get you off to the right start to giving your child the best education. Our HS Kit costs $65.00; to order or find out what is included in our Kit, please email us. In the comments of your order, include the state/province and city the kit is for. 

Please email us, if any of these are of interest to you. Tell us your name, address, phone or email address, your due date if applicable and the service(s) you are interested in.

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