Midwife Services

Natural Attachment’s Doula Services.

What is a Midwife?

We know that many people have never even thought of using a midwife. Midwives come with varying ideas of what childbirth is and varying degrees of education. We have tried to provide you with accurate information to help answer your questions and provide you with a basic knowledge of professional childbirth assistants (midwives). Click here to find out more about services offered by Michele.


What are Natural Attachment Birth Assistance Services?

To find out all about what we provide for clients and more information about midwifery services, go here. We offer many services for birthing women and their partners: information on relaxation techniques, maternity and newborn care and essential supplies to help facilitate pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding.


Informed Choices for Services.

Have you decided to use our midwifery service? If you are considering it, please look over our Informed Choices Form. Once you are done reading print it out and sign it. Make sure to take it with you to your consultation with Michéle. This form tells you more about Michéle and her qualifications, birth philosophy and your rights and responsibilities as a client.


Financial Responsibility.

Once you have decided to use our midwifery services, please read, print and sign our Financial Responsibilty Contract Form and bring it with you to your consultation meeting with Michéle. This contract explains your financial responsibilities concerning services provided by Michéle. To see our fee schedule and what you will be paying for click on the links.


Other Details of Natural Attachment Birth Assistance Services.

Scope of Practice

Included Services

Financial Responsibility

Informed Choices

Fee Schedules

Services and Philosophy

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