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Natural Attachment believes that a natural birth with little to no intervention is most beneficial to both mother and child. There are so many ways to eliminate or reduce pain naturally. Whether you choose a hospital, a birthing center or your home to give birth in, there are many benefits of a natural birth.

You will learn what to expect during labor/birth, ways to improve your laborís progression, different positions for labor/birth, ways to ease discomfort and how to avoid unnecessary procedures. These classes are for the woman and her partner who really want to connect with their birthing experience. These classes are not for those who donít view birth as a natural, spiritual rite of passage. If you have decided to use medication for pain relief, although informational, these classes are not for you. We want every woman to learn to trust her body and be able to harness her inner strength during labor/birth.

Classes are held privately in the motherís home or other comfortable, relaxing place of her choice. Classes run once a week, for five weeks and are about two hours long. Cost of classes ($175.00) includes all materials, books and labor aides for the mother. For a complete list of materials, books and supplements or to sign up, please read on.

We also offer a simplified version of our class, tailored to your needs. Classes are held in your home and run $25.00 an hour. Email Michele for more info. To Prepay, just click Ďadd to cartí

Five Session Class $175.00

Five Session Class (Print Version) $185.00

Make Your Own Class (per hour) $25.00 per hour

Materials Included in Fee

Class and Information CD-ROM (Print Version Available for additional $10.00)

  • Class Goals
  • About the Authors
  • Resources for More Information and Support
  • Course Outline
  • Chapter One - Pregnancy
  • Chapter Two - Nutrition and Holistic Therapies
  • Chapter Three - Labor Basics
  • Chapter Four - Labor and Birth Options
  • Chapter Five - After the Birth and Newborn Care
  • All about Postpartum Recovery and Depression
  • Herbs that are Helpful and Harmful during Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum and Lactation
  • Breastfeeding Basics
  • Benefits of Breastfeeding and Dangers Associated with Formula Feeding
  • Principles of Attachment Parenting
  • Why Buy a Baby Sling?
  • Facts About SIDS
  • Facts About Epidurals
  • many charts, forms and graphs
  • cited scientific data
  • plus much, much more...

Books and Videos

  • Gentle Birth Choices Video, Birth Day (2001), Giving Birth: Challenges & Choices or The Waterbirth Video
  • Birthing From Within Book, Ina Mayís Guide to Natural Childbirth, An Easier Childbirth or Gentle Birth Choices Book

Other Supplemental Items (varies due to what is available)

  • Massage Tool and Oil
  • Moist Heat Pack
  • Nursing Tea
  • Cloth Breast Pads (Hemp or Organic Cotton)
  • Issue of Mothering Magazine
  • Product Samples


Course Content

The following is an example of what is covered in the five session classes. Topics are subject to change and as always, content can be tailored to your needs.

Topics that may include:

  • Anatomy and Physiology of pregnancy
  • What to expect in labor and birth
  • Holistic therapies, herbs, colour, Bach flowers, etc.
  • Relaxation techniques including natural breathing & massage
  • Information on anesthesia, analgesia, hospital procedures, and medical interventions
  • Postpartum - physical and emotional changes
  • Breastfeeding: techniques, avoiding common problems, seeking help & getting support
  • The newborn baby
  • Introduction to early parenting


Class Outline
1. Class One
- Pregnancy

         o Relaxation
         o Prenatal Care
         o Exercise
         o Carrying a Baby and the Unborn Child
         o Prenatal Testing and Its Role: Pros and Cons
         o Role of Husband or Support Person

2. Class Two - Nutrition and holistic therapies

         o Nutrition
         o Holistic therapies during childbearing time

3. Class Three - Labor Basics

         o Stages of Labor
         o Labour and Birth
         o Comfort Measures and Breathing

4. Class Four - Labor Options

         o Procedures During Labor and Birth
         o What to Bring and Last Minute Preparation
         o Emergency Childbirth
         o Birth Plans
         o Cesarean, VBAC, WBAC and HBAC

5. Class Five - After the Birth & Newborn Care

         o After the Baby is born
         o Newborn Options
         o Newborn Appearance and Behavior
         o Breastfeeding
         o Care of Baby
         o Postpartum Mom

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