Sample Registry

Welcome to Sally's Sample Gift Registry!

Thank you for visiting!  Sally and Bob are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their baby!  They are very excited about the natural choices they are making and they appreciate anything you can do to help them in their desire to raise a natural baby! 

They are expecting Sweet Pea #2 to arrive on September 1st 2004.

In addition to receiving top quality mom and baby products, Sally will also be earning "Hostess" rewards for each order placed through her gift registry. This registry will be treated just like a catalog party. This means that, depending on the total retail sales of all of your wonderful gift orders, she will be able to order additional items for herself or her family at anywhere from 10% - 35% off, and may receive additional 1/2 price items as well! Check out the Host a Party page for more details on what she will receive.

This list will be updated whenever orders are placed. Don't forget that, if the orders are being shipped to you, you can also order great items for YOURSELF! Just be sure to specify which items are for Sally when ordering, so they can be referenced on the wish list as no longer needed.

You may order by contacting
Michele James-Parham from Natural Attachment directly, or you may order online through the Products page. (please note directions below). Reminder:  Never include credit card number or other confidential information in an un-secure email.  If you place an order through the products page, ordering is secure.  If you are placing an order through Michele directly, she will set up a time to call you to get payment info.

Online Ordering Instructions

If you would like to place your order online, please be sure to do the following:

In the comments section of your order when checking out, please enter "Sally Smith's Registry # xxxx" (* The party # would replace the xxxx if this was a real registry- please do not enter all X's on your order.)

Always enter YOUR name, address, and payment information into the order regardless of where you want it shipped.

If you want the order shipped to Sally, enter her name and complete address into the comments section of your order.

If you want a gift receipt included, please request it in the comments section of your order. All cost information will be suppressed. Unfortunately, NFB does not offer gift wrapping services at this time.

View Sally's Wish List!

On behalf of Sally, Bob and their family,



Contact Michele James-Parham to order or ask questions.

Michele James-Parham

Natural Attachment


405.816.4113 cell phone

405.720.7874 fax phone

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