Monday, March 3, 2014

Shamanic Birthworker

Many birthworkers, myself included, view birth as a spiritual and sacred journey for our clients. I have been thinking a lot about this aspect of the work we do for many months and how, at least in my area, there are no classes, workshops, or intensives that focus on the spiritual aspect of birth for birthworkers. Doulas, midwives, and assistants are trained to be educators and to physically care for their clients, but rarely are we shown or taught how to nourish our clients’ spiritual journey. I decided that it was time something like this existed in Pittsburgh.

For clients who wish to make a spiritual connection with their baby before they are born, this can be a vital part of the process in preparing for their baby’s birth. A Shamanic Birthworker would be able to help aide their client in this process. Drum journeys, meditations, creative processing through art and craft, and journalling are tools Shamanic Birthworkers can share with their clients.

The format is still being developed, but a curriculum has begun to emerge.

Topics to be Covered:
Guided Meditation
Journey & Dream Journalling
Creating Birth Altars
Sacred Rituals
Mother Blessings (Blessing Ways)
Creative Processing Arts & Crafts
Womb Weaving
The Art of Storytelling
Sacred Teas (safe for pregnant/nursing clients)
Creating Sacred Space
Conscious Conception
Psychosexual Aspects of Birth
Psychosocial Aspects of Birth
Healing Birth, Healing the Earth
Power Animals & Guides
and more…

This programme won’t be a long one: probably 4 sessions over 2 weekends or something similar. The intensives will be during the warmer months, as there will be components done outside, including a Solo Afternoon in nature for students to do their own private journeying.

Lots of hot and iced tea,
Fresh, raw, snacks & smoothies,
and Magic.