More Community; Less Schools

Over at Radio Free School, there are excerpts from John Taylor Gatto’s We need less school not more-Families, Communities, Networks and the Proposed Enlargement of Schooling (1991)

Makes me think about my challenge I sent the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.

Gatto continues, “Networks like schools are not communities in the same way that school training is not education. By preempting 50 percent of the total time of the young, by locking young people up with young people exactly their own age, by ringing bells to start and stop work, by asking people to think about the same thing at the same time in the same way, by grading people the way we grade vegetables-and in a dozen other vile and stupid ways-net work schools steal the vitality of communities and replace it with an ugly piece of mechanism.”

Community on the other hand is a place “that faces people at each other over time in all their human variety, good parts, bad parts, and all the rest. Such places promote the highest quality of life possible, lives of engagement and participation. This happens in unexpected ways but it never happens when you’ve spent more than a decade listening to other people talk-and trying to do what they tell you to do, trying to please them after the fashion of schools.”


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