Thus Far into the Year

Winter: She has been cold, full of pain & growth – while I do not find comfort in her, I do not hate her.

2011: Seems to be gearing up for more pain, growth and blossoming… Universe, give me a break at some point – I only have so much ego left.

January: I thought January was going to be fun. And while parts have been, it’s just sucked in general. Hoping February will hold more rainbows & kittens.

4th Week of the Year: This week, I have successfully blogged two days in a row (three, if yinz count Saturday in there too)! I don’t know what this week holds other than getting in touch with Bryan at The Drawing Room to discuss specifics of my birthday gift to myself – the tattoo.

Monday: I talked to my friend Rachel for a long time this evening. I took a shower, which was heavenly. I thought *a lot* about things (and stuff).

Something Aesthetically Pleasing: Vogue – Madonna — Beauty, Grace & b&w imagery

Zen Moment: “Is Your Need for Control Out of Control?” — good things about Fear

School is Stupid: “I before E, except after C” — FAIL!


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