birthday week 2011 – day 3

Today. Day Three.

Woke up a tiny bit before noon.

Called my G-ma back; she & Grandpa wished me a Happy Birthday.

Ran to the bank to deposit birthday monies.

Went to Affogato in Bellevue and had two soy chai tea presses, a bowl of lentil & mushroom soup with dry wheat toast and worked a crossword puzzle.

My parents called me while at the coffeeshop to wish me a Happy Birthday. They’re alive and not too buried in snow from the Snowmageddon 2011 in Oklahoma.

Came home around 2ish, sent Dear Other Half off to work around 3ish. Watched some Freerunning/Parkour videos with Elijah.

Aunt Becky called me around 4:30p to wish me a Happy Birthday.

Have checked in with Facebook & Twitter to tell everyone thanks for the birthday loving.

Looking forward to getting my tattoo outlined tomorrow.

Tonight, when William gets home from work, I’ll get to snuggle up with him and watch him play Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. It’s like a historical video game version of Freerunning/Parkour (and you get to kill ‘bad guys’… if that’s your thing)! Oh, shut up! It’s pretty to watch.

An easy birthday is what I wanted and so far, that’s what I’ve gotten.

This is blowing my freaking mind! I’m like, “wow” and “OMG” and “microwaved potato chips… can’t be true”!

Elle Randall shared this link yesterday and said, “Next time someone writes WASH ME on your dirty car, show them this”. I am in agreement.

Imagination is Everything

Hathor the CowGoddess and CUNTastic together at last!

“You’re going nowhere new, if you do nothing different” – Chip Esajian

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