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So, i’ve been looking for some different things to cook lately… kind of bored with food and i love food. i’ve found a couple new things that are being veganized and added to the shopping list for this week.

Saag – making this for soup sunday (every sunday is soup day here at the parham palace).

Tortilla & Black Bean Pie – making this on friday evening (I don’t have a spring form pan, but i figure i can make do without one).

I’m looking for a couple ideas for next week and also a couple ideas for a tasty, but cheap dish that can feed a small army – please bombard me with recipes.

*don’t worry about whether or not your recipe is vegetarian/vegan, if things need to be altered to suit the taste of those eating it, i am quite capable of substituting things around.


marital bliss


still can’t find the gorram camera battery charger. i’d lose my fracking ass if it wasn’t attached. (wow! that was two sci-fi swear words back to back… i am so much the shazbot)


helped the kid put together a blog post for Pi day, yesterday. yeah, it’s a day late for you, if you haven’t already seen it, but it’s still cool. here it lives.

and on that note, Elijah and I both think you should check out the lovely and talented Vi Hart; her videos are amazing and a beautiful articulation of the shite running around in my head all day long, every day. enjoy.


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