Nugget In A Biscuit

Unschooling is hard to explain to some people. I have several angles that I try to come at it from, but depending on who my audience is, somehow, people (who don’t want to get it) just don’t ‘get it’. So, I think I’m going to stop trying to explain with logical arguments and just start posting about random cool things from our lives, because that’s what our life is — our life is unschooling. We’re learning all the time and having fun while we’re doing it.

I’m sure that most unschoolers are familiar with Let’s Plays found on YouTube. They range from the most foul-mouthed and unhelpful gaming videos to quite informative (complete with history lessons) and fun. Some people use fancy screen-capturing software and other people use cameras and tripods. No matter the style of the YouTube user, you’ll start to find your favourites before too long.

One of E’s (UrielFury) favourites is Toby Turner aka Tobuscus. He does Let’s Plays, sings cooky songs, and a variety of other, at times, annoying performances. One of E’s favourite songs is “Nugget in a Biscuit”, which can only be described by… well, just listen and watch:

The idea came to us, after hearing this song for weeks, that we should actually eat a nugget in a biscuit, dipped in mashed potatoes, and then dipped in barbeque sauce. I mean, why not?

Nugget in a Biscuit plate

And let me tell you, we had one happy boy today! Nugget in a Biscuit, might just be a go-to dinner added to the favourite dinners list (except that E says he just wants the vegan nuggets and bbq sauce, which is fine, because his mother will eat all. the. mashed. potatoes.).

E about to put his NIAB together

So, that was part of today in the life of an unschooling family: making a boy very happy, trying new foods, stretching out of comfort zones, singing, dancing, watching a favourite video, and living life!

And last, I’ll close out this blog post with an adaptation of Toby’s video sign-off: bless your face and if you sneezed while reading this post, bless you!



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