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Gratitude (Pregnancy Version)

This year has been so weird and amazing; there is so much that I am grateful for that I am not even sure where to begin.

I am grateful for the almost teenager that I share my life with — he’s such a patient and forgiving human being. He’s really taking this “about to be a big brother after being the only child for so long” thing in stride (so far 😉 ).

I am grateful for my Dear Other Half who puts up with my shit, loves me unconditionally, does whatever he needs to do to make things work, and helped me make another baby that we get to meet very soon.

I am grateful that I have a friend that is very kind, patient, and extremely handy that he has built me front steps I am less likely to fall down; built a platform for my bed so that I am not hugely pregnant and crawling up off the floor 9K times at night any more; and has kept our car in operating order so that groceries can be bought and births can be attended.

I am grateful for all of the friends and strangers that have gifted us with clothes, blankets, cloth diapers, beautiful handknits, and other baby goods for Merbaby.

I am grateful for all of my clients this year. Each of you have taught me something about pregnancy, birth, and parenthood that I did not already know. I am eternally grateful for the faith and trust you put in me (and yourselves), even when things weren’t optimal. Priceless. I love you all.

I am grateful for the dried pineapple, dried mango, cheese sticks, clementines, grapefruits, and endless hot tea that got me through early morning nausea during my first trimester.

I am grateful to the Universe for this amazing star that is growing inside my womb. Merbaby, you have no idea what kind of weird and wonderful world you are about to come into, but I hope you grow to love it and the people around you like I do.

I am grateful for my Temple Sisters and their continued dedication this year. I keep discovering new things about myself and the Universe through our journeys together.

I am grateful for the awesome neighbourhood potlucks & other gatherings that happened this year, which helped further knit together a great community of really amazing folks.

I am grateful, most of all, for Family: both those that are of blood and of choice.



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