30 Days of Blogging

Well, I made it: once again for the third year in a row. Because apparently, I find it hard to blog on any kind of regular basis, but I can figure out 30 blog posts (or only 28 if you are technical and do not count the Intro & Outro posts) to write back to back in a month. If I could somehow manage to come up with 30 posts in a year, that would be at least twice a month postings, which would be a respectable amount of monthly posting since I am a busy person. But anyways, here is a recap, roughly organised by topic of this months posts for National Blog Posting Month:

A Month of Posts

My Pregnancy
What is in my personal [homebirth] birth kit?
Third Trimester
More About the Baby Shower/Blessing
Wordless Wednesday: Baby Shower & Blessing Slideshow
Exhale… and Nest
Pregnancy Update
Gratitude (Pregnancy Version)

Additional Posts about My Pregnancy (from before November — if you are feeling stalker-ish)
Halfway! What?
Second Trimester
I always wanted to be a mother

Birth Story
A Version of Elijah’s Birth

Happy To Be Nappy
Baby Names!

It’s The Waiting

Midwifery/Pregnancy (in general)
How to Help a Pregnant Person
Choosing a Provider When Pregnant
Homebirth Birth Kit
Nonheteronormative Exclusion in Midwifery

Midwifery (personal)
More Gratitude (Midwifery Version)
Midwifery… It’s a Calling
Birthwork Changed My Perception of Birth (and visa versa)
Birth Altar Cards

Birth Magic
Magical Birth Items — The Birth Altar
Pregnancy, Birth, and Baby Superstitions

Labour & Birth
The 5 Senses of Labour & Birth
Labour-Aid & Labour Tea

Community Postpartum Care
Signature Postpartum Meal — Tortellini & Kale Salad

More Thoughts on the Northside Free Clinic & Store

Sex Education



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