Traditional Midwifery Services:

Traditional midwife attended homebirths are offered to clients seeking a low-tech, natural, and non-medicalized birth. This means clients do not wish to have medical interventions performed before, during, or after birth. Services are offered for clients who are healthy, secure with their bodies and the birth process, and those clients who want to reconnect with birth and learn how to become their own midwives.

Clients who are seeking care from a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM), Medical Physician or any other medically minded/licensed person who can and will perform obstetrical procedures (artificial rupturing of membranes, electronic monitoring of baby, etc.) and use obstetrical instruments/treatments (forceps, Rx drugs, etc.), should not contract for services through Amethyst Midwitchery & Womancraft. We are happy however, to offer synchronised care with such professionals. Clients wanting vanity ultrasound tests, complicated medical/diagnostic laboratory work ups, and medical interventions such as pitocin induction, pain medication, or continuous foetal monitoring, should also not contract for services with us, as we are not licensed to practice medicine or perform medical diagnosis and treatments.

Traditional Midwifery Services Included:

  • Homebirth attended by a Traditional Midwife
  • Prenatal care visits are scheduled roughly once a month until 28 weeks gestation, then every 3 weeks until 40 weeks gestation, and then weekly until the birth
  • Postpartum care visits are scheduled roughly at 24-36 hours, 1, 3, and 6 weeks postpartum
  • On call 24/7 from 37 weeks gestation until 42 weeks postpartum
  • Referrals to quality medical professionals, childbirth educators, doulas and other complementary care providers
  • Privacy of your own home for prenatal/postpartum care; with the option of visits being scheduled at midwife’s home office
  • Educational materials: handouts, lending library, and video library
  • Holistic Heath/Wellness/Nutritional consulting and education
  • Homeopathy & Herbal/Vitamin/Mineral supplement consulting and education
  • Breastfeeding support
What is a Traditional Midwife?

A TM is a direct-entry midwife who has been trained in the art of midwifery by way of the apprenticeship model; one or more senior midwives were involved in hand training a student midwife. The training includes traditional midwifery practices and knowledge, as well as more modern midwifery knowledge where it is most useful. For most TMs this means learning a lot about the use of herbs during the childbearing year and especially those needed to ensure a smooth and safe labour and birth for their clients. It can also include practices and knowledge that are culturally relevant when being trained by an indigenous Traditional Midwife.

A TM’s educational pathway may have also included related college and/or the completion of a direct-entry midwife education programme. Some TMs will also have degrees or skills in related fields like message therapy, yoga instruction, nutrition counselling, herbalism, and so on. It is important to ask your midwife what kind of training and experience they have when deciding if they are a good fit for your unique pregnancy and birthing needs.

A TM *might* not be certified or licensed for personal/political/religious reasons, but this does not mean that they are any less capable of providing excellent low-risk homebirth midwifery care to their clients.

Fees and Payments:

Standard Fee — $3000*
*Families committing to our Standard Fee who would like to pay the total Standard Fee early (no later than 24 weeks gestation) will receive a $300 reduction in the Standard Fee, making the total $2700.


  • 2/3 of fee ($2000) due no later than 37 weeks gestation including a $250 deposit included at contract signing.
  • Remaining 1/3 of fee ($1000) due no later than 6 weeks postpartum.
  • Monthly payments in some amount are expected.
  • Lab work & tests are an additional fee. Ask for a price sheet.
  • We offer a sliding scale for those who can not afford our full fee: $2400-3000.

We are always willing to work with a client’s particular financial situation. We understand that the ability to pay out of pocket for a homebirth is easy for some families, but not the case for many families and often times very difficult for those who need the option of affordable homebirth the most. Our fees are set to allow for flexible payments — in hopes that we can make homebirth a reality to all families, not just those with the financial means. Our fees are much lower than most insurance deductibles. If you are in need of utilising a payment plan or our sliding fee scale, please contact us for more information.

If you are transferring care late in your pregnancy, we may be able to offer you a discount. Please inquire.

We Accept Payments Made Using:

Cash, Numbered Checks, Credit Cards, PaypalSquare, and gift cards from Amazon.com and Target. If you prefer another method that is not listed, please let us know. Make a payment now using Square

Payments Online

Expenses NOT included in our fee:

  • Birth Kit – Birth kits can be ordered at the link or you can order one directly from your midwife. A kit should be ordered early enough to have it available from 36 weeks on. The kit contains the consumable/disposable items needed for a birth (sterile gloves, bed pads, cord clamps, etc).
  • Birth Pool – if you are planning to labour or give birth in water and want to do so in a birthing pool, you’ll need to purchase one. The company you order your birth kit from will have pools for purchase too.
  • Sonograms/Ultrasounds – These are NOT routinely requested. However, if one is desired or prudent, clients may go to any lab/clinic/doctor of their choice with a prescription from their physician. Most will accept insurance as well as Medicaid.
  • Lab Work – Every effort is made to limit lab work or omit it altogether. If any is needed, certain tests can be ordered & performed by the midwife or clients will pay their choice of provider for lab fees. Alternatively, clients can order their own Prenatal Blood Work here.
  • Vitamins/Supplements/Medications – Clients are asked to purchase and take good prenatal vitamins throughout their pregnancy. If any medications are needed, such as antibiotics or Rhogam, these will be an extra expense paid to the client’s physician.
  • Physician Consult or Care – Most clients never need to see a physician. However, if a physician referral is needed/wanted, clients will need to pay for their services separately.

Insurance Billing/Reimbursement:

Currently in the state of Pennsylvania non-nurse midwives can not accept or file claims for insurance coverage for their clients, in part due to the legal climate of non-nurse midwifery in Pennsylvania. State Medicaid does not pay for homebirth or non-nurse midwife services. If you are on Medicaid and desire a homebirth, please explain your situation as soon as possible to see if you can take advantage of our payment plan or sliding fee scale.

If you or your spouse have an FSA, HSA, HRA, or MSA you can use the debit/credit card for your account to pay for our services. According to the list of qualifying services provided by the IRS, the following services are covered:

  • Laboratory Fees
  • Birth Control (pills, condoms, etc.)
  • Diagnostic Equipment & Tests (ex: blood glucose monitor & supplies)
  • Physical Examination (“annual exam”)
  • Screening Tests (ex: pap exam)
  • Breast Pumps and Supplies
  • Pregnancy Tests
  • Obstetrical Expenses
  • Childbirth Expenses (physician, midwife)
  • Childbirth Preparation Classes (excluding Newborn Care & Feeding)
  • Routine Prenatal and Well-Child Care


No refunds are offered at this time.