Are you interested in having midwifery care, but know that you want or need to give birth in a hospital or at The Midwife Center? We are happy to provide midwifery care alongside the care you receive during your pregnancy from your other providers.

Some people really want the low-tech, high-touch care from a traditional midwife that is not always available from a physician or busy nurse-midwife. We will focus on self-care, nutrition, birth plans, and postpartum recovery preparations. Our visits will be longer than the ones you have with your primary perinatal care provider to ensure that you have a chance to talk about your feelings, express your concerns, and take time to ask all of those questions that you might forget during your other visits.

Parallel/Co-care with Physician/CNM Only (no birth attendance by us)
– Prenatal Only (6-8 visits; 1-2hr/ea) $1500 (including $250 deposit)
– Postpartum Only (3 visits; 1-2hrs/ea) $600 (including $250 deposit)
– Both Prenatal and Postpartum Care $1750 (including $250 deposit)