Birth Philosophy:

  • Childbirth is a natural event, not a medical procedure; it is physiological, not pathological.
  • Birth is a sacred Rite of Passage, not just a medical event, especially if medical care is necessary.
  • The body is capable of giving birth, naturally and safely. Birth is as safe as life gets.
  • Holistic birth preparations and approaches provide tools for a sacred birth experience.
  • How someone gives birth is a direct reflection of how they handle parenthood and life in general.
  • Parents should be respected and supported in whatever decisions they have made.
  • Partners deserve to be treated as such and not treated as just coaches.
  • The company of loving support persons is important during the postpartum period.
  • When parents are educated about and prepared for childbirth, it can be a wonderful experience for them, bringing them closer together as partners and a family.
  • It’s the parents’ right to choose the caregiver or no caregiver and place of care in which they wish to have their baby, whether it be a midwife or a physician, and whether it be in their home, a birth centre, or a hospital.
  • When parents are given accurate information, the vast majority of them are capable of making the best decision regarding the circumstances for the birth of their babies.
  • Proper nutrition (including appropriate nutritional supplements) during pregnancy makes an enormous difference in the health of the pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum experience.
  • For most pregnancies and births, medical intervention is entirely inappropriate, and may result in unnecessary complications. There is no place for obstetrics in spontaneous birth.
  • Most episiotomies and most Cesarean Births are unnecessary. There are occasions when these interventions may be necessary, but they should remain extremely rare.
  • There is a time and place for excellent doctors and hospitals. We are not “anti-doctor” or “anti-hospital”, but thankful for wise and sensitive doctors and hospitals.
  • The person gestating a child has the last and final word concerning their health and that of their child, born or unborn.

Amethyst Midwitchery & Womancraft also affirms the following statements and definitions:

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