A Word About Unassisted Childbirth 

In short Unassisted Childbirths or UC are births where no contracted or hired birth professionals are invited to be present at a birth, even as only an educated person available for assistance in the same building. A UC can be only the expectant person, a mother and their partner, or a couple and older children and sometimes it includes other family members and family friends. When a person chooses UC, it isn’t a sign that they are irresponsible or lack insight into the world of childbirth. It usually means quite the opposite. Well educated families are choosing to experience birth for the truly intimate event that it is; After all, it is usually an intimate event that leads to pregnancy, birth, bonding, and Parenthood. They have trust in the process of birth and life and have not let their minds be clouded by the medical community’s tries at depicting childbirth as a means to an end of an illness (pregnancy). They embrace birth and do not fear it.

UC is a completely legitimate choice in childbirth and one that more and more families are making. As a midwife, I completely support this choice when the health and safety of both birthing parent and child are put first. It is my hope that by the time my children have their own children, myself and many other midwives will be ‘out of business’; hopefully by then, everyone will realise that they are their own midwives and will experience true FreeBirth and can educate others by passing on that knowledge. This is when we’ll know that we have truly taken back what was stolen from us by the medical institution.

Many readers might wonder why a midwife would advertise such an option, much less support it to a point where they are out of a job. The answer is quite simple; a real midwife knows that a birth which is left to unfold naturally, without time limits, protocols, procedures, personal agendas, and obstetrical procedures or tools, is always a perfect birth — no matter the outcome. Birth is a safe as life gets. A family without fear, having trust in birth and their baby, and with proper education, can successfully birth their own child without the aide of a midwife, physician, or other birth professional.

This belief doesn’t mean that childbirth is without risks, never needs medical support, or at times has less desirable outcomes, it means that birth is a raw, natural, physiological event and will happen the way it is designed to happen if trusting and educated individuals let it run its course.

For more information about Unassisted Childbirth visit Bornfree!


How We Support Unassisted Childbirth

I do provide prenatal appointments and postpartum appointments for families planning an unassisted birth. The Initial Prenatal Visit is $275 and lasts up to 3 hours. Each additional Prenatal Visit is $60 and approx 1-2 hours. A 24-48hr Postpartum Visit with Newborn Exam (includes newborn Screenings) is $275 and additional Postpartum Visits are $60/ea and approx 1-2 hour. All fees are due prior to or at the beginning of each appointment.

My Freebirth Skills Workshops are $350 and last approx 5 hours. We go over specific things to do for common complications that can easily be handled at home, how to monitor labour progress, examination of the placenta, cord tying/cutting, immediate newborn care, and so on. If you want to save money on the workshop, you can find two other couples (birthing person + support person/partner) willing to sign up and attend the workshop with you. If you find two other couples, the cost of the workshop will become $200 per couple. Workshops are periodically scheduled, but with at least a month’s notice, I can schedule an additional workshop when it is convenient for you (and your fellow couples).