“Birth is as safe as Life gets.” ~ Harriette Hartigan

“Many things are much riskier than birth. I am positive that unhindered, unmanaged birth is extremely safe—as safe as breathing.” ~ Carla Hartley

“Obstetrics is a narrow perspective to view the mystery of birth from and should be utilised only to the degree that it serves birth.” ~ Michele James-Parham

“A herbalist in every home, a practitioner in every town” ~ Dr. John Christopher

“My community made me a midwife by asking me to attend births. Rather than getting trained by an institution, and learning a medical set of rituals to take women through birth, I apprenticed directly to birth itself.” ~ Jeannine Parvati Baker

“If you’re feeling out of kilter, don’t know why or what about, let your feet reveal the answer, find the sore spot, work it out.” ~ Eunice Ingham, the “mother of reflexology”