Michele is a Traditional Midwife, Community Herbalist, and Holistic & Spiritual Health Consultant who serves individuals and families in Pittsburgh, PA who are seeking alternative holistic care. They have spent the last 18 years assisting homebirthing families in Oklahoma City, OK and Pittsburgh, PA and they have spent the last 13 years serving clients in their holistic and spiritual healthcare needs. They live on the Northside of Pittsburgh with their husband and two children. As a Queer person, Michele is extra sensitive to the needs of nonheteronormative individuals and expectant persons and is always open to suggestions on how to address concerns/issues nonheteronormative clients may have.

Michele has pursued their midwifery training from extensive self-study, assisting fellow midwives, through apprenticeship, and by attending relevant college classes, midwifery skill shares, and conferences. They continue to seek out the newest information regarding homebirth, midwifery, and current studies on evidence based perinatal care. Michele attended college for Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselling, Crime Victim Survivor Services and Counselling, and Psychological Anthropology. They completed the home study course through Hygieia College and was mentored by the late Jeannine Parvati-Baker. Michele has spent the better part of their life studying Complimentary and Alternative Medicine and Healthcare, Spiritual Practices, Rootwork/Conjure (Hoodoo), and Traditional Witchcraft. Their skill set and scope of practice reflects their diverse and unique educational and experiential background.

Michele serves as Communications Coordinator, Southwest Regional Representative, and MAST Skills Instructor Coordinator for Midwives Alliance of Pennsylvania (MAP). They are also a Midwifery Skills Instructor for MAP’s Assistant & Student Training (MAST) Programme. Michele is a Freebirth & Midwifery Skills Instructor for Sacred Transitions Midwifery Institute. Michele is a mentor midwife for students and new midwives participating in the Hearthside Online Midwifery Study Group. They are also a Women’s Mysteries Teacher and co-facilitates a sacred women’s spiritual temple. Michele is also the Sex and Sexuality Teacher for their local homeschooling cooperative.

Michele has been a camp counsellor, barista, cafe manager, retail store assistant manager, public school teacher, interior designer/decorator’s assistant, nanny, librarian, counsellor for addicts & rape survivors, student, spiritual advisor, ordained minister, and performing poetess.


Michele enjoys reading non-fiction works about birthworkers, anarchists/revolutionaries, midwifery, comparative religion, psychology, anthropology, queer theory, gender politics, library science, mathematics, and tea! They also enjoy writing: mainly poetry and short stories; they are a published poet and is ever so slowly writing their memoirs. Books are a passion for Michele, fuelling a desire to own a small, curated bookstore with their husband or open a specialised semi-public library.

A bit of a coffee snob and tea enthusiast, in the past Michele put in their hours behind the bar as a barista and cafe manager. They are currently working on an entire website devoted to their love of tea. There will be tea. There is always time for tea. Michele would be delighted to make you a cuppa.

When Michele is not thinking about Maths for fun, crafting/arting, or cooking for hoards of hungry friends, they enjoy spending time with their husband, two children, and two kitties. Their son, Elijah Uriel (09/2003), is an unschooler and spends most of his time designing video game levels and contemplating table top game ideas; he dreams of making amazing games for people to play. Married in August 2001, their devoted husband, William, is a writer, photographer, deejay, and musician who owns a media production company; he dreams of opening a bookstore-coffeeshop-combo with Michele one day. William and Michele welcomed Baby Hazel into their family in early January 2016. They live on the Northside of Pittsburgh in a lovely home over a hundred years old named The Phoenix.
{back row:} William holding Vashti & Michele holding Grey Static Cat {front row:} Elijah Uriel