Candle Lighting (setting of lights):
Everyone has heard someone say “I will light a candle for you.” Some people say this and never actually intend to light a candle, but what they really mean is, “I will be thinking of you/praying for you.” I actually light candles for people. I anoint the candle in oil and sometimes write names or messages on the candle or on little slips of paper (petitions) under the candle and then I light it and pray over it. An intention and thought is reinforced by the energy of fire. It is much like a prayer. Candle magic is old magic. I make notes as I observe and interpret the candle while it burns, looking for signs to predict the outcome of the spell or petition. Once the candle has completely burned (after seven days), I will email you a brief summary of the interpretation.

Besides the seven day candle petitions that are usually lit for clients after a Consultation or Reading, I also offer 15 hour Devotional candles to pay homage to a particular source that has aided you recently (saints, G-d, spirits, deities, and various elemental energies) and five hour Prayer candles to put forth a little extra energy for prayers directed at an ailing loved one or good luck on a big exam.

Seven Day Candle Petition/Spell — $25 (brief email report included)
15 hour Devotional Candle — $15
5 Hour Prayer Candle — Donations Accepted