Intuitive Counselling
Sometimes the best medicine for healing is to talk. Think of all of the times you have spent an hour on the phone with a friend or spent the afternoon on the front porch with an elder and remember how much better you felt about life and the decisions you were making afterwards. Often times what we all really need is a person to hold space for us, without judgement, and just hear us out and occasionally, they might offer up a word or two of sage wisdom. If you are in need of that person, I look forward to listening to you and holding space for you.

Truth. We all embrace our own personal Truth. When we are feeling at our best and making decisions easily, we are connected to our Truth. Our lives can quickly get out of balance and somewhere in the mix, we can suffer a disconnect with our Truth. Sometimes we need some guidance in reconnecting with our Truth. I am here to help guide and reconnect you to your Truth.

But how do I accomplish this reconnection? Intuition is a knowing of information without immediate or even eventual proof. Innate or sudden knowledge that, in this case, can be relayed to my client to help guide them on the best path back to their Truth.

Initial Intuitive Counselling Visit:
My goal when offering intuitive counsel is to help clients find ways to reconnect with their Truth. Clients come to me when they are stuck, have tried everything, and just can not seem to wrap their head around what the next step is; if they could just see the tiniest bit past the horizon. Clients also come to be when they just need someone to deeply listen to their truth. I use my keen sense of listening and space-holding, psychology background, intuition, and maybe a little divination to help clients rediscover their personal life Truth. Keep in mind that intuitive counsel is not intended to diagnose or treat disease or mental health issues; if you believe you need treatment or guidance concerning a mental health issue, please seek the help of a qualified psychotherapist or mental health counsellor. 

I can provide counselling sessions in person or via Skype. When requesting a session via Skype, please send an email to amethystmidwitchery @ and I will reply with an invoice and we can pick a time/day that is good for us both. Once the invoice has been paid and payment has posted, we can sign onto our Skype call.

>>All clients are also asked to show up 10-15 minutes early for all in person visits.<<

First Time Client Initial Visit/Skype Call — $175 (approx. 1 1/2 hours)
Follow Up/Repeat Visit — $75 (approx. 1 hour)
3 Session Package — $250 (Initial Visit & 2 Follow Ups)

The universe is a stage on which you dance, guided by your heart.
The universe is a stage on which you dance, guided by your heart.


Payments and Insurance:
Because Spiritual Counsellors are not licensed by the state, our services are not covered by insurance or Medicaid. We have tried to keep our fees set low to make our services accessible. Payment is due at the time of service and Follow Up/Repeat visits can be paid for in advance. We accept payments made using: Cash, Numbered Checks, Credit Cards,Paypal, Square, and gift cards from and Target. If you prefer another method that is not listed, please let us know.

Many services, unless otherwise specified, can take place in the client’s home. Most sessions, unless otherwise specified, will be held in our home office, The Phoenix House Sanctuary.


Definition of intuition

in·tu·i·tion [ ìntoo ísh’n ] in·tu·i·tions [plural]


1. instinctive knowledge: the state of being aware of or knowing something without having to discover or perceive it, or the ability to do this

2. instinctive belief: something known or believed instinctively, without actual evidence for it

3. philosophy immediate knowledge: immediate knowledge of something

[ 15th century. Directly or via French < late Latin intuition- “consideration” < Latin intueri “look upon” < tueri “to look” ]

in·tu·i·tion·al ADJECTIVE



Synonyms: instinct, perception, insight, sixth sense, awareness, sensitivity, clairvoyance

Synonyms: hunch, feeling, inkling, suspicion, sense, presentiment, instinct, surmise, flash