Donations and Homebirth/Well Care Supplies

  • Amethyst Midwitchery & Womancraft depends upon donations of supplies and money that it receives to better provide midwifery care & well care to those who can not afford it. We are asking for anyone to dig deep and donate what they can so that none of our clients are faced with not being able to pay their midwife.

Providing low-cost, and whenever possible, free midwifery care to low-income, IBPOC, and queer/gender-diverse clients is our main practice goal. If you are able to donate monetarily, you may do so via Cash, my online store, or contacting us.


Basic Supplies That Are Always Needed:

  • sterile/non-sterile gauze
  • sterile/non-sterile latex-free gloves (size large; all lengths)
  • chux/underpads (all sizes, but bigger & thicker is better)
  • disposable plastic speculums (size medium; lighted/unlighted)
  • sterile/packaged bulb syringes
  • instant cold pads
  • cotton cord tape/plastic cord clamps
  • alcohol wipes
  • incontinence pads (super/maximum absorbancy & extra long)

Other Supplies:

  • red raspberry leaf (loose herb or teabags)
  • Hema-plex/Floradix iron supplement (tablets or liquid)
  • prenatal vitamins w/out Folic Acid (folate or methyl-folate is okay)
  • evening primrose (oil or softgels)
  • books & DVDs for our pregnancy/parenthood lending library
  • samples & coupons for relevant supplies
  • gently used baby carriers & cloth diapers for low-income clients

If you have donations for us, please email Michele at amethystmidwitchery @ gmail [dot] com