Health Consultations/Call The Midwife

Do you have questions you would like a midwife to answer? Do you want a second (or third) opinion? Do you live far away, but value my professional input? Do you need a general or specific health consultation?

Let’s set up a time to Skype (or an old school phone call)!

While Skype visits are not the same quality as face-to-face visits and limit my ability to get a complete story, they are definitely still valuable in explaining & affirming symptoms, suggesting helpful diet/exercise/lifestyle adjustments, and educating clients in various ways.

Before each Skype visit, if applicable, you will answer some questions regarding your general health and about specific concerns/complaints you have. When applicable/depending on the nature of the visit, visits are followed up by an email (within 24 hours of the end of the visit) with my notes taken during the visit, links to additional information/resources as available, and any necessary care plans/suggestions explained. The main point of the Skype portion of the visit is for me to gather information to then make the best recommendations possible based on that information.

Fee: $35/30 MINutes; $50/60 Minutes

* Fertility * Menstrual Cycles * Pregnancy * Birth * Herbalism * Family Planning * Queer/Gender-diverse Pregnancy & Well Care * Sex & Sexuality Education * Mindfulness * Stress Management *