The Three Rivers Free Clinic for the People is a community centered clinic in Pittsburgh, PA where various practitioners come together and offer their services to the public at no charge. It’s all about giving back to the community, especially in an attempt to reach populations with little to no access to holistic care modalities. Everyone is welcome!



The clinic is held on the first Wednesday of every month, usually from 1pm until 7pm. Please check in with the Facebook page to confirm times, participating practitioners, and location.

Amethyst Headquarters!
Amethyst Headquarters!

Amethyst Midwitchery & Womancraft participates in the monthly clinic and occasional related pop-up clinics. We provide FREE prenatal care, postpartum care, breastfeeding support, homebirth midwifery consultations, and perinatal reflexology. Amethyst Midwitchery & Womancraft is a Size, POC, and Queer/Trans* Friendly Provider. Everyone is welcome, even if you are receiving care from another provider.