Michele teaches various midwifery/birthworker skills workshops in their home and locations around Pittsburgh, PA Michele is available for hire to teach skills or present on various topics related to being a birthworker, shamanic birthwork, pregnancy, birth, having a body-positive practice, and serving Queer clients.

Depending on the workshop or needs of your event, Michele can make arrangements for a package deal with a fee per person attending. In all other circumstances, Michele bills by the hour at a rate of $60.00 ($40.00/hr for groups of birthworkers of colour).


Michele has broken their leg and after surgery (04/2018) will have several months of recovery. While they’ll most likely still be available for Skype consults/meetings in about a month (05/2018), they will be unable to accept any homebirth or well care clients until probably the end of 2018/early 2019 (this timeline might get updated, as things move along).

Michele highly recommends that you reach out to Karen and Natalie of Steel City Midwives if you are needing a homebirth midwife before Michele is recovered enough and ready to accept clients again.

Thanks in advance for your well wishes and support <3