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Update Obligation & Blog Award

I had dissapeared for awhile. My computer died at the start of October & I only recently got a new one. It’s tiny (7.5 inches) & temporary, but it works, allows me Facebook time (which is dangerous) & it will force me back into blogging…which is good since I’ve been nominated for Best Unschooling Blog here! Vote for me if you like, but I’m up against some tough competition!!!

I’ll be back soon…have a million pictures for you & life updates. But for now, at least you know why I’ve been absent & that I didn’t fall off a cliff!

Peace & Love


Catching Up: Preface

I’ve been busy, unmotivated (funny how you can be both those things) and not feeling bloggy lately. It’s not that I don’t have thoughts, pictures & discoveries to share…it’s just that I either never have the time, don’t “feel it” when I have the time or I blatantly put off blogging.

So…I’m here to play catch-up. I have CSA pictures, pictures of missing teeth, thoughts on the Northeast Unschooling Conference & Pittsburgh G20, insights into E’s birthday week (yep, he’s 6 now…holy fuck, 6 years old) and some other random-ness for you all.

Up first is a post with pictures of the last few weeks worth of CSA deliveries. Cut me some slack and by the end of the night, I should have everything posted and updated.